Why socks are more than just socks

Socks are so much more than just socks. They are a crucial part of our wardrobes and, let’s face it, we simply don’t celebrate our socks enough! So in this article, we’re setting off to fix that!

1. They are a great way of experimenting with your everyday wardrobe
For a lot of us what we wear is not always determined by what we want to wear but what we have to wear. A uniform, a suit or formal workwear in dark monochrome colours are often the garments we mindlessly reach for in the mornings.

But for those of us who refuse to let our colourful spirits be abashed by professional appearances, there is something delightful about choosing a pair of colourful socks. You have no idea how lovely it is when I see a peek of a crazy sock through the hem of a pressed pair of trousers at work!

2. They make great ice breakers
Whenever I see a great pair of socks, I have to praise it and have a conversation about it. Funny socks will often induce a chuckle if not a burst of laughter, so if you’re not feeling particularly social on the night, make sure your socks are here to help you out! 

3. They’re the ultimate comfort garment.
Nothing says cosiness like a good pair of socks. It’s like a hug for your feet. They keep your feet toasty during winter and give you that extra feeling of comfort. For that reason only, socks deserve to be celebrated.

4. Socks have a journey
Every garment has a journey. Even socks. And at Kind Socks, we really care about the journey that our socks take. You can ensure that yours took a low impact journey that was kind to the planet and other people by buying sustainable socks.

The journey of a Kind Sock ―It all begins with organic cotton which is then woven into socks while making sure that the people who make them are well remunerated for their efforts. The socks then make their way to you in lovely compostable packaging for minimal ecological impact.

5. They make great gifts
The gift of a sock. They come in all kinds, colours and prints. You are sure to find something for anyone no matter how quirky (or serious) they are. They make great side gifts as you don’t have to worry too much about size. So if you’re having a hard time figuring out what size the gift receiver is, socks are a safe gift with unlimited potential in creativity and style.

Extra: You didn’t really think we were going to stop at 5, did you? Socks make hardwood floors sooo much better. If you haven’t tried skating around in your socks on a hardwood floor, then you haven’t lived yet. Just don’t go breaking any limbs okay?

Here you go! Those were our reasons to show a whole lotta love to your socks. Go find out how to take proper care of them in this article: How to look after your Kind Socks

Written by Leena from driftedanew.com