International Kindness Day

Today is one of our favourite days of the year at the Kind Socks head quarter, International Kindness Day. We love everything about Kindness and we put a little list together if you also want to get into the kindness spirit.

10 kind things you can do today

  1. Buy a homeless person a drink or food, but more importantly talk to them as a human being.
  2. Smile to everyone that comes your way
  3. Keep your eyes open for anyone needs help. Anything from helping an elder crossing the street, carry someone’s heavy bag.hearts socks in bed and tea
  4. Donate food or clothes you no longer need to a homeless centre.
  5. Sign up to volunteer work. There’s so many great things you can do from helping kids with homework, go running with refugees or visit elder people who are lonely. Whatever you’ll do - you’ll make a difference in someone’s life.
  6. Give up your seat for someone who needs it more.
  7. Invite someone over for dinner. Everyone feels lonely at some point and can do with a friend and a home cooked meal.
  8. Write someone an encouraging card and show that person that they’re important to you.
  9. Pick up trash and be kind to our planet.
  10. Hold the door for someone. It’s the simplest thing but always appreciated and don’t forget to give them a big smile.