Image: Laundry and Kind Socks

Hi there! I am Stephen, the founder of Kind Socks. As with all good ideas, Kind Socks happened in the morning when I couldn't find a pair of clean socks. I had talked about making socks several times before, but it always stayed at the idea stage and never really moved any further. I am a fan of colour, but more importantly sustainable and ethical products, but when it came to socks, I was buying something that was either colourful or ethical, rarely both.

Realising sustainable fashion is not a trend but the only way forward for the fashion industry was key to my creation of Kind Socks. We have re-imagined a classic product in a fun ethical way - giving this everyday essential the love it deserves. We want to be part of a fashion revolution, leading the way with our excitement and enthusiasm, and forming a brand and culture committed to ethical fashion.

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- Stephen Steele Kind Socks Founder