5 Ways To Make Your Wardrobe Kinder

We all wear clothes. We wear our clothes for different reasons, to stand out, to blend in, or just for the sake of covering up and keeping warm, but we all wear clothes. In the modern world we know our clothing has a significant environmental and social impacts which we can no longer ignore. From forced labour in the cotton fields, child labour used for embroidery, and workers burning to death locked in factories, to toxic dyes polluting water ways and synthetic fabrics creating the biggest source of micro plastic pollution in our oceans, the way in which our clothing impacts the world is devastating. It would be irresponsible to ignore it. We all wear clothes. And we can all do something to change what we wear for the better. So in the spirit of Fashion Revolution, here are some things we can do.

1. Buy second hand

When you want to buy new clothes, try to shop second hand first. You can often find great stuff and a bit more original too. No new production is needed, which is great for the environment.

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2. Choose ethical brands when buying new

When you need to buy new clothes. Make sure you’re buying from ethical and sustainable brands. That will make sure that the workers are treated well and get paid and your clothes will have a less impact on the environment. 

3. Donate your old/unwanted clothes 

When you got bored of your clothes. Instead of throwing them in the bin, donate them to your local charity. Or why not doing a clothes swap with your friends. Then your clothes get another lifecycle, no new clothes need to be made and the money goes to a charity so win win. 

4. Look after your clothes (be kind to your clothes)

Make sure you look after your clothes properly and they’ll last a lot longer and no need to buy new any time soon. Follow the washing instructions to begin with. Also try to repair when possible and you’ll prolong their lives. 

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5. Go for quality over quantity 

When you do need to buy something. Make sure you buy of good quality. It might cost a bit more but will last much longer and not loose shape as quickly. 

Do you have any other tips to make your wardrobe kinder. Share your tips with us on social media, just remember to use our handle and the hashtag #StyleWithKindness so we can find your posts.